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Acupuncture for Fertility

Maximise a natural, healthy conception and childbirth.

“Healthy parents and healthy pregnancies produce healthy babies who grow to become healthy adults - hence a healthy generation” says Toni Tucker.

The programme is designed for you and your partner to improve physical and emotional well being, eliminating any emotional/physical ailments that could undermine fertility. Traditional acupuncture detects and corrects some of the underlying problems which couples may not be aware of.

Conception depends on a whole range of factors. Physical, emotional, hormonal balance, lifestyle, nutritional habits, exercise, environmental and occupational. Failure to conceive creates anxiety/depression. Traditional acupuncture plays a safe and effective role in this process as it focuses’ on re balancing the body as a whole by detecting some of the underlying factors and dealing with them, together with the science of Western medicine.

Treatments are tailor-made and have no side effects. Acupuncture treatment promotes systematic health, regulates the menstrual cycle, promotes ovulation by its effect on the pituitary gland and removes anxiety/phobias.

There may be different ways to arrive at one goal, using the best of both worlds increases the success rate of IVF significantly. Traditional acupuncture increases the success of IVF by 60% by promoting ovulation, prepares the uterus for receiving the embryo, improving semen quality, quantity and motility.

Traditional acupuncture significantly reduces the risk of miscarriage.

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