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Below are real Testimonials of patients who have benefited form acupuncture treatment. To read the full case study click the "more" link at the end of the first paragraph.

More feed back can be found on our Feed Back page.

Acupuncture for Fertility & Miscarriage
A Patient's Perspective - My story by Ginia

I first went to Toni back in Aug 08 with a very negative attitude. My husband and i had been trying to conceive since Aug 07 and had a missed miscarraige in Jan 08. I visited Toni every week throughout Aug 08 to re-balance my body. more.....

Traditional Acupuncture Increases IVF Success
A Patient's Perspective - My story by Clare

After years of severe stomach cramps, painful periods & being hospitalised I was given a laparoscopy to discover that I was suffering with endometriosis at the age of twenty-two. more.....

Acupuncture for Fertility & Miscarriage
A Patient's Perspective - My story by Claire

I was encouraged to consult Toni after suffering a miscarriage and D and C in Nov 07. After 10 months and a further early miscarriage, my cycle was still unbalanced and I was feeling very down and frustrated with the \'traditional\' medical care I was being given.  more.....

Help and Support During Pregnancy
A Patient's Perspective - My story by Elizabeth

I made my first contact with you after having suffered from very bad nausea in the early pregnancy. With you professional help and knowledge of Acupuncture, I had stopped feeling nauseous and my energy levels had so much improved which had made the remaining months of my pregnancy enjoyable and I was feeling fit and healthy. more...

Health Problems During Pregnancy
A Patient's Perspective - My story by Nikki

When I first visited you I was 28 weeks pregnant and suffering with hay fever and sinus problems which were causing discomfort particularly at night interfering with my sleep. My GP was unable to treat me with conventional medicine. I was also experiencing a tightness in my chest and throat and a particularly nasty tight cough. more...

Acupuncture Saved Me From Physical and Mental Pain
A Patient's Perspective - My story by Margaret

I've had IC for approaching two and a half years but was diagnosed with IC approx one year ago. more...

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