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Acupuncture for Fertility & Miscarriage

A Patient's Perspective - My story by Claire

I was encouraged to consult Toni after suffering a miscarriage and D and C in Nov 07. After 10 months and a further early miscarriage, my cycle was still unbalanced and I was feeling very down and frustrated with the \'traditional\' medical care I was being given.  more.....
After 2 sessions with Toni I was pregant but unfortunately suffered a further miscarriage at 5 weeks. I continued to have weekly sessions with Toni throughout the next cycle and the temperature charting she encouraged me to start made me feel in control and much calmer about my situation.  
Miraculously I got pregnant again within 4 weeks! After 6 weeks of starting my treatments with Toni I\'d conceived twice. I continued to see her regularly to maintain my pregnancy and for symptom control. I am now 24 weeks pregnant! 
I would recommend Toni to anyone having problems conceiving (in fact, I have!)

For further information please contact Toni Tucker:

01628 525 299/ mobile 07958 730 157.

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