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Help and Support During Pregnancy

A Patient's Perspective - My story by Elizabeth

I made my first contact with you after having suffered from very bad nausea in the early pregnancy. With you professional help and knowledge of Acupuncture, I had stopped feeling nauseous and my energy levels had so much improved which had made the remaining months of my pregnancy enjoyable and I was feeling fit and healthy.

In the last few weeks of pregnancy I contacted you again in order for you to start preparing me for natural labour. I had 5 visits altogether during those last few weeks of my pregnancy. A day after the last visit I went into labour, I was 3 days overdue. It all started so well but in the end I had to have an instrumental delivery, ventouse my baby was facing up rather than down and I was not able to push down, as they wanted me too!!

I believe that the acupuncture treatment helped so much to start the natural labour as with my first child I had to be induced with pessaries and intravenous drip the labour and delivery was very traumatic

With my second child I also had the instrumental delivery but it was so much less stressful due to me being more relaxed after the acupuncture treatments. I also believe that since the birth, my baby has been calm, content and has been feeding very well, is all due to me having had the acupuncture relaxation treatments.

I would recommend you and your acupuncture treatments to any pregnant woman in order to prepare you and your body as well as your unborn baby for natural labour and for relaxation.

If I ever decide to have another baby, I will definitely again make contact with you.

Once again, Thank You ever so much for all your help and support throughout my pregnancy and for putting up with me and my questions and concerns, which you had always answered with enthusiasm and optimism.

For further information please contact Toni Tucker:

01628 525 299/ mobile 07958 730 157.

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