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Health Problems During Pregnancy

A Patient's Perspective - My story by Nikki

When I first visited you I was 28 weeks pregnant and suffering with hay fever and sinus problems which were causing discomfort particularly at night interfering with my sleep. My GP was unable to treat me with conventional medicine. I was also experiencing a tightness in my chest and throat and a particularly nasty tight cough.

After my first visit the tightness in my chest and throat cleared immediately and my cough loosened and became more productive. The cough cleared within the course of the week. My hay fever and any sneezing reduced by 60-70%. My sinus problems were also relieved which enabled me to sleep more comfortably at night.

On my second visit, I told you some mild lower back pain had developed into severe pain over the course of the week and you were able to treat me for this in addition to further improvements with my hay fever and sinuses you were able to reduce the discomfort in my back by 80%. The muscles in my back became less tight and more flexible.

After my third visit my hay fever was almost clear and my sinuses much clearer. Catarrh in my throat was very slight . My back continued to improve becoming more flexible by the day.

I have had five sessions of acupuncture and can honestly say the results of the acupuncture treatment you have administered have been amazing.

For further information please contact Toni Tucker:

01628 525 299/ mobile 07958 730 157.

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