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Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

Interstitial CystitisInterstitial Cystitis (IC) is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the bladder, where the lining of the bladder is severely inflamed.
The signs and symptoms of IC are very much in line with bacterial cystitis, but more severe and debilitating. They include severe lower abdominal pain and pelvic pain, vulvodynia, frequent urgent painful urination, and in some cases the presence of blood in urine. The condition is a part of a spectrum of diseases known as painful bladder syndrome.
Bladder Pain Syndrome/IC is a multi-factorial syndrome, and is known to be an auto-immune disorder, or a chronic inflammatory disorder of the immune system. This finding is supported by the fact that many patients suffering with IC also have allergies to food and environmental agents, chemicals, pollen and generally have an over-sensitive immune system.
While it is understood that IC is not bacterial cystitis, in many cases it is caused by recurrent bacterial cystitis which has impaired body’s normal resistance to an attack of infection. It is a debilitating syndrome and can have significant impact on lives.

Treatment & Prevention

Toni has been treating patients suffering with this condition since 1995. Through her own research studies as well as her clinical practice, she has seen how there is clear evidence that traditional acupuncture plays a significant role in treating Interstitial cystitis and the relief of presenting symptoms. 

“I cannot emphasise how acupuncture treatment relieves the anxiety, depression and desperation which patients experience, as well as the debilitating physical symptoms.”

It is clear that treatment with traditional acupuncture will reduce the need for antibiotics, antidepressant and analgesics such as Pentosan Polysulfide Sodium (Elmiron). A vast number of patients have become free from medication, and now lead a healthier lifestyle.

Toni is very proud to be able to provide this unique treatment at her acupuncture clinics.
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