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Toni Tucker
Toni Tucker LicAc (Hons), MBAcC is a practitioner of chinese medicine acupuncture and has a midwifery and nursing background she is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and the Royal College of Midwives.

Her highly successful treatments have attracted media attention in the press and television and equally received commendation and support by the medical profession with whom Toni closely works.

Toni’s professional background has been totally concentrated within the medical field. Therefore her experience and expertise are not only complementary to practicing acupuncture but also the deep understanding of ailments that such medical background offers inevitably assists in her successful treatment though acupuncture.

Toni has written a number of publications and has been an academic lecturer as part of faculty teams. Through her practice, Toni ensures the safety and efficacy of acupuncture in treatment of the diseases of five organ systems and musculoskeletal disorders.

Toni is hugely involved with the use of traditional acupuncture in fertility programs, pregnancy and childbirth as well as being extensively involved in the treatment of interstitial cystitis.

Toni's clinic is also a centre for the treatment of IC nationally and internationally.

Zita West & Toni Tucker

Toni is an associate of Zita West’s networking on fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

She also has been a lecturer at Zita West’s workshops.

Toni is presently an advocate of the safe practice of acupuncture in high-risk pregnancies and fertility programmes, within the British Acupuncture Council.

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Below is a list of the Consultants that Toni works with:

The Berkshire Health Clinic works alongside urologist specialising in IC .

Kate Waters

Nutritional Therapist

I support women to take control of their bodies; so they feel physically empowered rather than dominated by their symptoms.

My philosophy is that food and eating should be an enjoyable experience, but also a healthy one. I am a BANT registered nutritional therapist, bespoke chef culinary teacher and a mother. I qualified after 3 years from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2014. Before studying nutrition I was a chef for 17 years.

In clinic I specialise in women’s’ health covering issues such as: Chronic bladder conditions, Irregular or painful periods, Infertility, Pregnancy nutrition, Post pregnancy care and breastfeeding nutrition, Healthy baby weaning and child health, Menopause and bone health.

I also specialise in gut health, this being the seat of all our health. Whether its small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or diverticulitis I can guide you to optimise your digestive system, limiting the knock on effect poor gut health can have on other systems in the body.

I look at personalised nutrition, looking at the individual and the root cause.  I support clients to find a new way of eating that fits in with their lifestyle, ensuring that clients can reach their goals in a realistic and healthy manner that is achievable for them to continue with on going. 

Whilst working with you, I may use functional testing to find the root cause of your health issue. After a comprehensive initial consultation I look at all systems of the body and how they connect, including the mind and spirit, working on the principal that nutritional therapy is more than just food. I provide personalised nutrition plans using bespoke dietary guidance so I can support you to find a new way of eating and cooking that fits in with your lifestyle.

Every year I continue to deepen my knowledge, most recently through the study of genetics and its role with our hormones, our health and how food talks to our genes.

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Dr. Ali John Watts Bsc Hons MBBS MRCP

Acupuncture for pain relief through medical science

Ali John Watts, is an Anaesthetic Registrar on South London's rotation working through St Thoma's Hospital, Kings College Hospital and Guy's Hospital. A graduate of Kings College London he went on to study medicine at St George's University of London graduating in 2007.

Through his career in Anaesthesia and the Acute specialties he has gained interest and skills in regional anaesthesia, obstetrics and pain management. A common theme to all has been hands on practice of needling and exposure to alternative therapies such as acupuncture.

Despite being on the front line for acute emergencies of any specialty of medicine and surgery, he has developed a keen interest in the practice and application of acupuncture for pain relief and the neurophysiological principles which underlie the medical approach to acupuncture.

Dr Watts has become particularly interested in the principles and philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture for the treatment of muscular skeletal disorders and the management of pain.

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Claire Mooney Bsc Msc


Having  been an embryologist for 15 years  Claire has gained extensive experience in all aspects of assisted reproduction whilst working in some of the largest and most successful IVF units in the UK.  She has a Masters degree in Human Reproductive Biology and a keen interest in research and has presented at international conferences. Claire is also registered with the Health Care Professions Council for 8 years as a clinical scientist.
Claire offers the following services:

  • A fully comprehensive semen analysis performed by an experienced embryologist from a fertility background.

  • Reliable results that conform to the World Health Organisation current guidelines.

  • Results available within 24 hours to your referring GP or consultant with comments provided to aid  interpretation of the results

  • Discreet and comfortable  surroundings of a private hospital

  • Evening and weekend clinics


Semen analysis clinics operate on evenings and weekends.  For an appointment please call
01753 891 118


Analysis is conducted on site at:

Fertilty Solutions
Spire Thames Valley Hospital
Wexham Street

Clinics also available at The Spire, Windsor

Fees (payable on the day of analysis)

Semen analysis                               £120
Repeat analysis (if within 3 months)    £100
Post vasectomy analysis                   £100



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