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Sports Injury

A Growing number of athletes use acupuncture treatment for acute and chronic injuries to help and treat and optimise the conditioning of the injury.

Acute Injuries – Sprain and strain of the joint and tissues surrounded are the most common form of injuries. Sprain involves the ligaments and strain involves the muscles and sometimes the tendons. General response to injury includes pain, swelling, change in the colour of the skin involved, reduced mobility of the joint. Clinical studies have demonstrated use of acupuncture is highly recommended in reducing the pain and inflammation. However gentle exercise and returning to controlled activities will be advised after treatment by acupuncture.

Chronic injuries – involving muscular skeletal system, lower back pain and sciatica.

Osteoarthritis, especially involving the hands, knees and lower back.

RSI (repeated syndrome injuries­) an occupational injury are hugely relieved by means of traditional acupuncture and moxibustion.

Pain relief

While traditional acupuncture is focused to relieve pain on an area of the body the perception of pain is in the brain. Acupuncture not only helps relieve the pain in that specific area of the body but also addresses the whole body through the brain, retraining the body to be healthy and improve the bodys natural healing mechanism.

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